Unemployment exists as the balanced national

Unemployment exists as the balanced national income is lower than the total employment national income.

Increased government spending,
If you collect less than 100 percent of your taxes, you see 100 percent increase in aggregate demand, but if you increase government spending by 100 percent, it’s 200 percent increase in aggregate demand.

Aging population in rural areas (increasing proportion of the elderly population).
The decline of the economically active population in rural areas due to the decrease in the number of senior citizens.
The decline in the number of young people due to the decrease in the number of young people and worsening education conditions.

an evolutionary point of view


a share certificate

internal supremeity, external independence

Non-conformity – not having to pay for the consumption of a particular good or service.
Non-excluded – an infinite consumption of certain goods or services without competing with others.

the lack of welfare facilities for the elderly due to the problem of supporting the elderly population
This is because from the 1980s to 2000s, the number of young people gradually decreased, resulting in a decrease in the economically dependent population (relatively, the population of older people has decreased while the population of younger people has increased).

(A) The power of the state is absolutely great and does not reflect the support or demands of citizens, and the basic rights of citizens are severely violated. Therefore, state power is in a higher position than civil rights.
(B) The power of the state comes from the citizens and reflects the needs and support of the citizens, so that civil rights are more guaranteed and protected than they are. Thus the rights of citizens are in a higher position than those of the state.

The government’s position is that it judges industrial goods to be more resilient than companies, so lowering prices also increases companies’ total income. On the other hand, the entity determines that raising prices increases the company’s gross income because the manufactured goods are inelastic.

From the perspective of understanding culture, one can understand cultural relativism and cultural absoluteism and explain the desirable attitude of cultural understanding in words.

Simulation game (competitive score discussion, discussion). Competitive Discussions and Discussions Through Collaborative Learning)

Listening to the morning debate, “Ah~ Republic of Korea” seems to be a crisis. Politics, economics, education, society, diplomacy… It doesn’t seem to be a problem, it doesn’t work. The good news of Chun Doo-hwan’s reign is not like a country, but we could laugh like a comedy. These days, TV news and newspapers make me nervous because I feel like I’m going to be swept away by the Korean Min-guk is going to be ruined soon.

Even the lawmakers said that if it was a difficult time for the people to make ends meet, there would be a few coups.Sometimes I even say how frustrating my friends are at the table to really want Gutta to happen. Of course, I don’t want to agree, but sometimes I want to kill rotten politicians with a thud.

But this year, I hope there will be no hateful people or groups that I want to kill in my heart, and if only the following people are expelled from this land, I will become a very happy country. I want to believe it.

The first is that tax money is negative, but I hope no one is crazy about being a lawmaker. their peopleThey’re making a big fuss about the country, but they’re done because they’re done and they can make money. For the sake of the people, you don’t have to work hard to become a lawmaker.How dare you say that a volunteer shines? I think politics is a speculative field, so I’m going to put my heart into it.

The second thing is, I want people like those corrupt and swindlers to survive on this land, who are elected to Congress. When others say bad words, “What are you going to eat? What are you going to eat? If you become the Democratic Party in Gyeongsang Province, the GNP in Jeolla Province, you will be a fraud.”When we were young, North Koreans thought that the Democratic Party in the Gyeongsang region was red, and the Jeolla region thought the GNP was red.

Third, I want you to banish people who interfere with cars. Others wait 30 to an hour for a right or a sinful turn, and suddenly they run to the front. It takes more than 30 minutes to step in and cheer in just a few seconds. Perhaps those people are people who have never been able to blow money normally. Fraud, gambling, real estate, most of the people who have never sweated and increased the amount of other people’s property.

The fourth is people who stop in India or sell their goods.There are so many people who do business in India that they have more to store than they do in their own homes. And people parking in India can also be destroyed without giving a single person time to pass by. I’ve always wanted to banish these people.

The fifth is people who make money by speculating on apartments or houses. Even in real estate, housing is very much needed for people to live. It’s a sin if you pile up food and sell it when it’s expensive to starve. The house is also a mess. Others are overwhelmed with no place to sleep and no place to stay warm for their families, but it’s worse for them to buy a few houses and do business than the usurer of the past.

Sixth, people who really envy these people are people who want to banish.
Tax office employees are envious of the same police officer, and they’re honored to be in charge of building or building the ward office rather than the judge’s prosecutor’s office.

In fact, I think these things can be easily achieved if you have a sense of common sense morality, ethics, patriotism, and tradition-based self-esteem. Let’s all put importance on universal values and appeal to ourselves to create a beautiful and habitable Korean nation that we have never achieved before, at least in 2004.

For the next generation.

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