time to meet God personally every day by setting

It is time to meet God personally every day by setting a quiet time and place as the acronym for Quiet Time, and it is a reverent training to achieve life change and maturity by listening to God’s phonetic meaning plan directed toward me through the Bible and applying it to life.

2. Why should I do a cutie (QT)?

There are two kinds of tendencies within man: the tendency to lead a sinful life according to the desires of the flesh and the tendency to live a holy life as a people of God according to the desires of the Holy Spirit.

“The desires of the flesh go against the Spirit, the desires of the Spirit go against the body, so that they will not do what you want with each other,” Gal 5:17 said.

And these two trends determine the fate of two, one that ends up living in the wrath of God as a sinner and the other that leads to eternal destruction, and the other that lives in the grace of God as a righteous man, and the one that leads to eternal life.

In other words, those who live sinful lives according to the desires of the flesh end up living in the wrath of God forever, and those who live in the desires of the Holy Spirit always live a blessed life in the grace of God, and finally come to heaven to enjoy eternal life and prosperity with God.

Therefore we must live according to the desires of the Holy Spirit.
And to do that, you need to train, and the most basic training is QT.

“Do not deceive yourself, God is not reckoned; he will reap whatever man sows with his body; he who sows for his body will reap eternal life from the Holy Spirit, who sows for the Holy Spirit.”

“The fundamental principle is shown in the following phrase.

‘Whatever a man sows, he shall reap.’ This is a firm principle governing all acts of God, and it is common in both the material realm and moral sphere, and nature and human character, as a law that shows his consistency. Always, without exception, we reap what we plant. Therefore this faithfulness of God allows us to decide beforehand what we will reap by deciding what to plant. If a farmer wants to harvest oats, he or she will have to plant oats. It must be ridiculous to plant barley or wheat, not oats. …because the likeness of Christ is natural in its growth, provided conditions are met, we need training to meet those conditions.

Only planted can be harvested. Therefore, we must plant diligently and develop a trained habit for both thinking (the good) and living (particularly reflecting and praying for the word of God every day),” said John R. W. Stott.

“God would prefer to devote himself to one spiritual discipline and learn spiritual faithfulness, even if it were insignificant, rather than to be in despair because we have too much burden on ourselves.” (Meteori J. Thompson)

3. Differences Between QT and Bible Study

“Listening to God’s voice is more than thinking deeply and studying words. You may know a word by studying it, but you may not be able to really socialize with the living God. But in the presence of God, in reading the words under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, sometimes the words are taken by the living power of God himself. That is the voice of the father and the actual and personal intercourse with God. It is God’s living voice that comes into the heart and brings blessings and abilities, and evokes the reaction of living faith to God’s heart.”

Reading the Bible is not as easy as it looks. This is because in a world where students value studying, they tend to attach everything they read to analysis and discussion. But the word of God must, above all, lead to thought and reflection. Instead of splitting words, we should unite in the deepest places of our existence. Instead of asking me whether I agree or not, I have to look at what kind of words are directly related to my personal situation. Instead of thinking of words as a potential subject for interesting conversations or papers, we should let them penetrate into the most secret corner of our minds. To the depths where no word has ever been put in. Only then can a horse become a seed sown in the jade and bear fruit. Only then can we really ‘listen and realize’

Now, the reason why I’m writing after such a long time is because these days, our youth,

I think you are bored even though you are on vacation.

You great, great. Seok Yong-gun recognized you by jumping on your feet.

Now, let’s list them by date.; (Only two were found -_;)

First of all, January 9th, schedule — the invitation is below. >__

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