I am watching a big match between Jim

I am watching a big match between Jim Italy and Argentina.
I am writing because it is boring to wait after the first half. Hehe~ I wonder if there are other people watching Jim. ^^

Argentina… it’s amazing. I don’t want Batistuta to get hurt. Personally, I am a fan of European soccer. As if I fell in love with Argentina game.

Fioree of Italy and Gonzalez of Argentina are now one goal apiece.

But today, Italy is playing an Italian soccer game that reveals holes in the center defense. I’m giving Argentina a lot of center. lol

Italy is also a through pass to a second-choice player who puts emphasis on defense. You only do what you always do. I’ve always felt this way, but only a counterattack. But it’s still pretty exciting. It’s been a while since Vieri showed up.

Veron… I thought he was pretty good. There are a lot of mistakes. You look pretty good.
Crespo… is there nothing to say?
Gonzalez… I don’t know this player. Are you in Winning?
I’ll have to look for it, because I’m not interested in Argentina. —

I want to see Delphie.
I saw soccer.. I want to play soccer.
I want to play Winning.
I’ll do it later, but… lol
Soccer started.. I don’t know what I was doing to write fast. Hehe~
Then I’ll see you later if you’re going to participate in the contest.
Happy holidays for those who are not coming.
Well, I’ll leave you

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