Resident in Boston for advice on the new chemistry

Resident in Boston for advice on the new chemistry team’s Peptide research.
When I visit Heidi, I have a chance to visit Cornell University where the professor is teaching
I was able to look around the wide campus with my assistant.

With a thick book, with earphones on, dancing and dancing, all over the campus.
red-brick platform buildings I’m going through the docks that seem to have been organized with a lot of care.
By the time I was browsing through each of them, I found an old looking building behind the administration.
I could do it.

The building that I looked at with a tug of war was covered with iron bars that were as thick as a prison
The late X-shaped wooden pillars stand next to the metal gates and tell whether they’re guards or policemen.
No, two men with scars all over their faces snoring on the wall like they drank alcohol.
He was leaning and falling.

Professor Heidi was reluctant to comment on the building. But the building, it has a genius brain.
It’s only been a long time since I found out that the boys who had it were the camps where they were hiding.
Arthur. And the reason Cornell University’s chemistry department developed into Choi Soon-wi was also because of its “camp.”
It was found that The professor said that the boys were abandoned for nothing.the so-called difficulty
It is the capital of Cornell University that has been ‘exploited’ in ‘Do’.

The “camp” plan, which blocked the professor’s obstruction and entered with his assistant, was simply a dirty filth.
It’s like a dump full of something, and it’s like you’re looking down the hall, and it’s as dry and tired as can be.
Dozens of boys were called genius boys, capital of Cornell University.

As I walked down the hall, I looked at the faces of the boys with curious eyes.
At that time, I found something that was far from the rest of the boys at a glance.

The radish is beating the boys who are staring at me with an unknown emotion.
When I approach a person, I have hairy hair.
I felt myself standing up. Maybe I dyed my hair.
Your white face that you see under your wine-colored hair is definitely the same color as mine.
It was an oriental child.

The child’s eyes revealed through the hair lifted up by my
And when my eyes met, I was able to shake off the years of loss that had been suppressed.

February 3rd, 00… I met the child at the Camp for Youth at Cornell University in Boston.

ae-won nervously closed the phone’s plume in his hand, urging him to walk to the chemistry class teacher’s room.
All. My cousin’s words, which sound like a phone, can’t be heard properly because of the noise.
Only I could understand.
I think it’s about introducing someone to the teacher’s room.
Jae-won remembers that there is a biology class in about an hour, and he stretches out his long legs and walks up the stairs in a
He began to jump off.

When he opened the door of the teacher’s room with a sigh, he saw Seung-ho sitting on the couch.
When Jae-won entered, Seung-ho came up to him gladly.

Hey, Lee Jae Won! Long time no see! ”

“Wow! What is this? I haven’t seen my brother in a long time, and he’s been running like this! Isn’t that too much?”

“Hahaha~ I’m sorry, man! That’s what happened. Damn, you’re still grumbling!”

Jae-won whined while hitting Seung-ho’s stomach, then immediately hugging Seung-ho and patting him on the back.
Seung-ho remained unchanged.
Unlike his outgoing and harmonious personality, he looks cool, looks stylish, and neat suits.
And silver ring earrings that I always wear to avoid the principal’s eyes.


Jae-won, who turned his eyes to the couch while hugging Seung-ho, opened his mouth.
There was someone sitting on the sofa, though I couldn’t see in detail due to the sunlight on my face.
A black silhouette sitting on a sofa came into the half-closed eye due to the sunlight.
Jae-won momentarily frowned at the disgusting smell in his nose.

“Wow… brother. Don’t you smell something? ”

“Huh? What smell?”

Seung-ho shook his head, shaking his shoulders.
Jae-won buried himself on the sofa, feeling a headache from the disgusting smell that has faded like a lie.
I did.
As he moved his eyes forward with his hands on his head, he saw a boy sitting next to Seungho.
He’s bending his face like something fell on the floor, and he’s got a long, long hair on it.
I couldn’t see my face at all because of Karak.
Jae-won looked at Seung-ho and created the mouth ‘Who is it?’
Seungho looked at Jae-won’s face and slowly turned his gaze to the boy.

The boy’s eyes, which glowed similar to the color of his hair, fell back to the floor.
Jae-won looked down at the boy’s eyes again and felt sorry for his hidden eyes.
I felt a huddle.
a change chart
I wanted to keep looking at those mysterious eyes, though they seemed meaningless and meaningless.
The boy was huddled up, perhaps because Seungho was next to him.
Otherwise, it looked smaller because it was small and curled up.
Every time a boy breathes and his wine hair shakes to his breath, Jae-won’s heart goes like this.
He was jumping over there.

“…what’s your name?”

Jae-won looked at the boy’s red lips and wished his mouth would open.
It was exciting to even imagine what kind of voice would come out.


“…it’s Moon Hee-jun.”

Jae-won raised his eyes and glared slightly at Seung-ho, who answered instead.
Seungho, sitting cross-legged on his desk, jokingly exhaling cigarette smoke to the financial resources.
The reflection of the sun through the window made it look dark.
Seungho brushed off his cigarette and approached the door, gesturing to Jae-won to go out for a while.

also received rave reviews at a seminar a few months ago.
He was the greatest contributor to this.
was adding words

a large fee enclosed with a letter, not enough to carry on the entreaties of the entreaties
At the end of the letter was Professor Heidi’s autograph.
But I couldn’t give up my ‘publicity’ that would be most helpful to my Peptide research.

I was looking for something to solve my research a year ago.
The thing that you’ve been looking for is thrown into a dirty garbage dump at Boston Cornell University.
It was Moon Hee-jun, who was there.