One spring holiday afternoon

One spring holiday afternoon…

I met my friends after a long time.

We talked over dinner and a light drink.

The pressing international situation, unstable economy, politics, society, culture, etc..

exchange views and discuss various topics

I didn’t know how to talk about things like that, and I just talked about normal things.

The new Miss Kim story at Hiddink Danan in our neighborhood,

I was worried about my friend who could not contact me after I bought Pocachi money.

I’m thinking about how I’m going to make him do his job.

The desperate story of a friend who got caught cheating on his wife because of a credit card debt.

Worries about a friend who’s going into hiding after breaking his paycheck-out boss’s mouth.

The excuse of the man who embezzled the membership fee and gave it to Miss Kim, a Hiddink-dan liquor store.

So we talked about this and that.

It’s time, when I get bored.

Suddenly, I got a signal from my lower stomach.

I thought you had an upset stomach.

I asked my friends for their understanding and got up first and headed home.

There was already a war in my stomach on the way to take the subway.

The struggle for the outside world was stronger than expected.

They want you to stop playing GG and send it to me.

His face is distorted and his gait is almost magpie-footed.

I came into the subway station and found the bathroom.

There’s a bathroom 20 meters ahead. It’s all over the place.

I’ve done my job…. That’s a big deal.

When the situation was settled to a certain extent, I was relieved and exhausted.

The moment I’m about to clean up and leave.

I couldn’t help but suspect my ears.

It was definitely a female voice…That’s a lot of people.

I’m pretty sure this is a fucked-up situation.

It’s so distracting that I don’t have to look back and forth

The women’s restroom is where I jumped in.

If you go on like this, you’ll be mistaken for a pervert and leave the world behind.

I felt like I had no choice but to be tortured.

I’ve decided to wait…Until there is no one.

He kept coming in.

Once I got in, 10 minutes would be a waste of time, doing all sorts of things.

After an hour, I became desperate to live.

No, I wanted to beg you to live.

It’s past 9 p.m. and I don’t think it’s going to work like this way.

He wore his hat backwards, took off his shirt, kicked his waist down,

Roll up both pants and lift them up on your knees.Work has been started.

The 1,000 won MacGyver knife I bought earlier in the day on the subway…

I started to unwrap the piece of toilet cap thinking that it was a good purchase.

When both pieces are undone and try to remove the lid,

“Why the fuck…Why won’t it come out? ????”

I think it’s because the MacGyver knife is from China.

I couldn’t help it.

He kicked the cow’s roots as if it was hitting it mercilessly.


with a smile on one’s chest with the lid of the toilet

I opened the door.



“Come on… pervert…”

The responses vary.

“Oh, that’s not it.I’m here to fix the lid of the toilet.”

“I’m not a pervert.”

A toilet cap lifted in one hand, pants rolled up, and a thick sweat on the forehead.

Who wouldn’t consider a toilet repairman?

And the minute you walk out of the ladies’ room like that, you’re here to clean up.

I bumped into the cleaning lady.

It was also a crisis.

He smiled as if nothing had happened and went out.

After a while, I heard a bolt from the back.

“Hey, hey, hey! Why are you taking that away?”

“Catch him~!!!!!!!!!

I started running….That’s fast, too.

He started running away with the lid of the toilet in his chest

On my way home by taxi, the driver kept looking at me in the rearview mirror.

Did I look strange when I was shouting for a taxi with a toilet cap in my face?

So I got home safely.

My wife, who was opening the door, was appalled.

“Oh, my… what’s wrong with you??”

“Uh… I did some exercise.”

“What else is in your hand? …isn’t it a toilet cap?”

I forgot to throw it away and took it home.

“Woong…this is what you got.”

“Where did you get that?”

“In the subway……………….I gave it to him…”

“If you sit on the floor and gothob, you’re a good match, so I got it.”


with one’s dazed wife behind one’s back

As I put the lid on the toilet in the veranda warehouse, I thought…

“Ah………..Jonna….I’m embarrassed.

2004 Expected Answer

Data Collection Methods:Moon-Research Method
Disadvantages: Objectivity and reliability of data can be a problem.

Hwang dog contract, principle of free contract

The right to unite – the right of workers to form unions and other organizations to realize their rights and interests.
collective bargaining rights – workers’ right to negotiate collectively, including trade unions, for negotiations with users, such as wages and working conditions.
The right to collective action – workers’ right to collective action, such as assembly, strike, etc. to defend their rights.

What are the concepts of high school equalization that both sides claim and exactly what are the key concepts of discussion?
Are both arguments consistent with the facts based on empirical data?

Pros: High school equality should be maintained for educational opportunities.
Cons: High school equalization should be abolished for freedom of choice of educational opportunities.

The use of various teaching materials, current affairs, and social issues can be seen as reasonable because it is designed to increase learners’ interest in society and their ability to participate in the

self-directed learning ability

The act of intentional default, etc…
(The answer is a bit different depending on whether you want to look at this from the perspective of the law or from the side of the curriculum. I don’t see the exact strands yet. There are eight other contents, but I don’t know the answer at all.)

As the ideological polarization, the Cold War system collapsed, the collapse of socialism and the market-oriented economic system gained the upper hand, a single-polar system was formed, leading Russia to engage in exchanges with Korea by placing importance on the market economy.

a parochial group

Discrimination theory

Rediscount rate reduction
The increase in paid wages, such as unemployment rate above 10 percent, increased inventories of companies and worsening financial structure, will reduce the amount of currency on the market, which will lead to higher interest rates. Thus, companies are not reinvested and households are spending less, reducing aggregate demand. That is, the overall economic downturn.

Both A and B have common ground that they exert pressure on the government to make policy decisions, A indirectly exert pressure to maximize citizens’ interests by pursuing public good in the policymaking process, and B indirectly exert pressure to realize their special interests in the policymaking process.

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