Sometimes I feel tired doing anything

change one’s lifestyle
Sometimes I feel tired doing anything.
She’s always nervous, and she’s annoyed with company work.
I was ahead, but now I’m always happy to be
I’m trying to do my best at work.
The way he looked at things was objective and passive.
Now it’s changed to an active way of thinking.
8. Take as much as you sweat.
♣ Four full courses a year, five harps, three 10 km, etc.
I participated in many competitions, but for the first few months,
He’s got a bad record because of all the practice.
I have a lot of regrets every time I get hurt so often.
But now, more systematic training and a little bit.
With increased driving, I can digest more than 250 kilometers a month now.
You can do it and you will be the first to participate in the Seoul Marathon.
the record of 03:48:31 and then during the Jeonju-Gunsan competition,
It was a poor record of 04:19:06, but last Chuncheon
I set a good record of 03:07:37 during the competition.
As life does, running is a part of life.
Now that it’s been, I’ve learned to reap as much as I sweat.
It’s a lesson I learned from the marathon.
Of course, unless you’re a professional, you’re going to reach a certain limit.
From then on, it will be even more difficult to achieve the record.
9. Running is the best way to stay healthy.
♣ Before running, due to the nature of the company,
Always tired and living on shift.
I’m frustrated and frustrated because of my poor rhythm.
A lot of it is true, but I’ve been running for about a year.
Because of the joy of a positive accident,
The blood pressure used to be high between 160 and 110 but now
It’s about 130 to 90. It’s almost normal.
Weight also increased from 61kg to 67kg a year ago.
I did, but I’m currently maintaining a constant.
If you really want to lose weight firmly,
I recommend you to keep running.
10.Marathon is a missionary activity.
♣ Exercise too hard from the start and backfire
You can bring it, so you can take your body condition first.
I think it’s important to know that running over time
If you’re part of your life, make sure you’re around.
I’m going to ask you, and I’m going to share this mission with you.
I think we should.
Sometimes I run marathons, and I can’t help but fight with myself.
It’s hard, but after we’ve overcome this pain,
Boram and joy are the joys of marathon.
Maybe not. The real marathon is a missionary activity.
In this spirit, you are dedicated to the grassroots marathon.
Kim Jae-sik of Ulsan, Kim Jong-su of Yeosu, and Jun Cha-soo of Jinju.
I respect you personally.

After the Geumsan Half Competition in August, I finished the Gyeongbu Expressway.
I was coming down alone, and I had an unexpected subversion.
There was a big accident that caused the car to go to waste immediately.
I’ve barely made it to that world.
I did, but anyway, the marathon was an important place in my life.
becoming part of a life to be occupied.
To keep your promises now and in the future,
Step by step toward my life’s.
I will go.
Now on TV, you can see the different types of Vosingak as they did a year ago.
This year’s personal wishes are Sub-3 Achievement and Hometown Haenam
Make sure to run across the country starting from the end of the land village.
I plan to participate and go to foreign competitions if I can.
I’d like to come.
As we welcome the new year of the new year, all of you,
I wish you good health and always bless your family.
I wish you all the best.
Thank you very much.

No one knows what will happen to a person’s future. The future of any society or country or the development of the earth is predictable, but one can never know exactly about the future of any individual. The reason is as follows . Based on the Chaos theory, a tiny movement now seems to have no effect on it, resulting in results that no one had imagined over time. Weather changes are still impossible to predict with any supercomputer on the planet — of course it will be possible if science develops further — no one knows at any moment which direction the typhoon will change course. Such a change takes place in the smallest detail. The reason is that, although most are later revealed, changes in the atmosphere and the very little things that happen on this planet affect increasingly different things, eventually affecting the course of a huge typhoon. There is a saying that describes the Chaos theory in a straightforward way: “When a butterfly flaps in China, it snows heavily in New York.” I’m sure you’ve heard a lot. It’s like a food chain. When a change occurs in the east and the plants at the lowest stage of the food chain, it eventually affects the entire ecosystem. What about humans? People are also living under so much influence here and there. The impact is far too vast. Think of the number of people we meet. Newspapers, magazines, advertising flyers, TV… we see every day. They accumulate unknowingly in our brains and become part of my thoughts. Thinking soon affects my behavior. We never know when or how something will affect me. Knowing one’s future is not simply about predicting one’s individuality and behavior. For instance, if you want to know which high school senior student, A, to get into college, it’s not enough to guess what the student’s score is. Hundreds of thousands of test-takers must predict what other scores they will get and which university they will apply to. That is because the student A, who fails, is dependent on it. And to predict the scores of these hundreds of thousands of test takers is to predict their every move. To see a reference book and study how it is possible for them to guess a student’s sum, or failure, means that it is possible only if they have all the information of the surrounding figures, including the student. Do you think it is possible with a person’s ability? A smart student who doesn’t study at all, though he doesn’t know anything about it, may study hard one day with his mind suddenly set in motion. And who knows if the smart student will apply to a college applied by a student named A and play a role in dropping A? Isn’t that one thing that happens around us as usual? Perhaps, a student named A loses interest in studying and may not take the CSAT. Doesn’t this make all the fortune-teller’s words that predicted a failure become rubbish? A man’s life is like a rugby ball who never knows where to go. As many as 6 billion people on Earth are like this rugby ball. No one knows where they’re going to hit and run. And then where to go next… I am not sure what in the world will affect me. One day I was watching TV and a native came out and was smiling brightly. The smile is so clear and their appearance is so pure and enchanted by the beauty of Africa that for a moment I may decide to travel to Africa. When I went to see the beauty of Africa, I happened to see countless people dying of hunger and sick people dying of illness there. So I might abandon my job and my country and work in an international organization for them. This is happening too much in everyday life. There is a British bird researcher named Neil Moore. He had a hearing impairment as a child, and the first sound he heard was the cry of a wild goose. Then he received a book from his grandmother, in which he learned about birds and eventually became a scholar studying birds. What about many musicians we know? How many people are given a guitar or a harmonica as a gift one day on their birthday and it has become life itself? Some people die in unexpected accidents or live as disabled people throughout their lives. Who can predict all of this? Waves flow from all matter in the universe. Human beings, of course. The human brain also has the ability to feel these waves. That is why you can deceive words but not feelings. There are people whose brain function is especially advanced than the average person. Such people can often predict the future. But that’s only possible if it’s very personal and specific And only for the very near future. As in Chaos theory, the longer the time, the more impossible it is. Listen to what fortune tellers say. How abstract is it? There is fortune in one’s forties. When will you see a nobleman? Watch out for women. I’d like to say this then. Why don’t you have a stock or a horse race if you’re so good at it The stock market will be difficult, but it will be much easier to predict than to predict the future of humans, as you only need to know less than 10 horses in the same lane. If you are confident, go that way. I will make a lot of money. What’s today’s fortune like in sports newspapers? If that’s right, then the world’s fortunes are pretty much the same. If you were born in ’58 and had a lucky break, wouldn’t there be hundreds of thousands of people who would pick up a coin on the street that day? Or someone buys you lunch… Anyone could do that. It would be wise to do your best in the present rather than to fear and know the future. The future is the reflection of the present.